Dog Boarding at Lakeside Pet Resort in Troy, MI

We want you to be happy about dropping off your dog to board with us. Why? Because you deserve to have peace of mind about leaving them in someone else’s care while you’re away. Most of all, we want your canine to have the best time ever during their stay at our dog boarding facility. In our minds, they deserve nothing less, and it’s a pleasure for our team to treat your pet like they’re our very own. At Lakeside Pet Resort in Troy, MI, we offer much more than your standard boarding kennel. While keeping your pet healthy and comfortable is important, we also strive to keep them happy.

Schedule your dog’s boarding reservation today. Call (248) 689-8899 or fill out the form below in advance to save your spot before it’s gone!

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What Makes Dog Boarding with Us Different?

Lakeside Pet Resort’s newly-renovated, modern dog boarding facility is all about comfort, fun, and making your pup feel at home.

  • It contains 27 suites of varying sizes to accommodate our diverse canine guests
  • Each suite comes with its own storage cubby, so any belongings your pet has can be safely stowed with them
  • Dogs have access to large indoor and outdoor play areas, so they can stretch their legs and interact with our team members and enjoy one-on-one activity
  • All suites come with elevated beds and soft, clean bedding
  • We provide engagement toys and treats for mental stimulation
  • We offer a variety of boarding packages to suit the unique needs of every individual

Our Boarding Packages

Want your pet to get more out of their stay with us? See our different packages below!

For those photogenic fluffs, or you just want more content for your social media feed. This package is for those who just want extra reassurance of how much fun their pup is having.

This package includes:

  • Exclusive vacation photo,
  • “Hi Mom/ Dad” emailed pupdate,
  • A stretch mobility break
  • An interactive treat for mental stimulation

The Party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Include this fun bedtime routine and let your pup snuggle up and snooze all night long.

This package includes:

  • Pawsonalized late-night play session
  • An interactive treat for mental stimulation
  • A bedtime story & cuddle time
  • A relaxing night tuck-in

Can your pup fetch for hours and is immediately ready to go for a long walk? Then this is their pawfect package to get that extra energy out!

This package includes:

  • Pawsonalized play session
  • An extra stretch mobility break
  • An interactive treat for mental stimulation
  • Emailed pupdate & pupdate picture

Special loving care for senior dogs. Designed to proactively address the needs of your pet by providing at-home comforts while staying with us.

This package includes:

  • Orthopedic bed for joint comfort
  • An extra stretch mobility break
  • An interactive treat for mental stimulation & cuddle time
  • A relaxing night tuck-in

Soothing the minds of nervous dogs. Designed to relax your pet, making them feel more comfortable and at ease. This package is great for those first-time overnight guests!

This package includes:

  • Calming bedding spray for relaxation
  • Pawsonalized play session
  • Extra stretch mobility break
  • 7 interactive treats for mental stimulation

For the furry friend who never misses a chance to have a good time! Designed for those pups with boundless energy!

This package includes:

  • Pawsonalized play session
  • Ball pit play time
  • Barks and crafts seasonal art project
  • Interactive treat for mental stimulation

For those pups who enjoy having fun in the sun. Designed to be cool by the pool, & get your paws wet. It’s sure to be a bark n’ splash good time!

This package includes:

  • Fun in the sun pool time
  • Splash bark sprinkler dash
  • Outdoor bubble play time
  • Yappy hour frozen treat

Package availability based on season

Health Requirements to Board

We want to keep our dog boarding facility as safe as possible for all our guests and staff members. Therefore, your dog must be up-to-date with all their vaccinations including rabies, DHPP, canine influenza, and Bordetella (kennel cough). They also need to have tested negative for intestinal parasites within the year. If your pet is due for their vaccinations, you can contact our hospital at (248) 689-8899. If your pet is not a patient with Long Lake Animal Hospital, please provide us with a copy of your pet’s medical records so we can verify that they are up-to-date.