Dog Daycare in Troy, MI Taking Stay and Play to the Next Level

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Whether you’re gone all day for work, a trip out of town or just want your canine “kid” to have a long day of play and socializing with other dogs, our beautifully renovated dog daycare facility in Troy, MI might be just the place for them. At Lakeside Pet Resort, we truly enjoy taking care of peoples’ pups and treating them like our own. They’ll have a blast with our play groups, engagement toys and tasty treats, all while receiving the necessary care to help them feel at home. What’s more, the resort is connected to Long Lake Animal Hospital, so a veterinarian is always nearby during the day to provide medical treatment if needed.

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What Your Pup Can Expect at Dog Daycare

Our dog daycare center has been freshly renovated and designed for your pet’s maximum enjoyment.

Lots of Space

We offer 27 modern, roomy suites where your pet can relax during their downtime, and each suite has a cubby for storage so all your pet’s belongings will stay with them. Our spacious outdoor play areas give dogs all the room they need to run and play to their heart’s content. The outdoor play yard is surrounded by a high, secure privacy fence for added safety.

Plenty of Comfort

All our suites come with well-padded, elevated beds and are cleaned and tidied daily. We offer a climate-controlled environment that keeps our guests cool in summer and warm in winter.

Engagement Toys & Treats

Engagement toys are a very important part of the dog daycare experience. When your pet is not playing and socializing with other dogs, it’s essential that they be given time to work out treat puzzles for mental enrichment. This contributes to a well-rounded and much more enjoyable overall daycare visit for your pup.

All the Playtime They Need

At Lakeside Pet Resort, we evaluate every dog and assign each one into a small playgroup according to their personality, size, and play style. This helps to maintain harmony and healthy interaction among our canine guests, while still ensuring that they get the necessary activity during their stay.

Close Proximity to a Veterinarian

Our resort is connected to Long Lake Animal Hospital, so a veterinarian is never far away and can provide any care that might be necessary while your pet is with us.

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Our Daycare Packages

We offer general packages as well as seasonal, themed packages for our daycare guests:

For pups that need plenty of exercise!

  • 3 daily walks
  • Healthy dog treats
  • Individual time with a caregiver

*$6 per day in addition to suite price.

For pets that love attention!

  • 15-minute walk

*$6 per day in addition to suite price.

  • An oatmeal, lavender, or whitening shampoo bath
  • Blow dry and brush

*$15 in addition to suite price.

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