Providing Better Pet Care with Advanced Veterinary Diagnostics in Troy, MI

While a physical exam can uncover important abnormalities, there is so much more we can learn about your pet’s internal health through diagnostic testing. Long Lake Animal Hospital has state of the art on-site laboratory equipment and digital radiography, which allows us to optimally manage the overall health of our patients by accurately diagnosing and managing countless diseases, often in the early and subclinical stages. And while we rely on diagnostic testing to show us if anything is abnormal with your pet, we really love it when we can confirm that your four-legged best friend is still as healthy as ever!

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Why Do Dogs and Cats Need Yearly Testing?

Early intervention in many diseases can extend the life of your pet, sometimes by years. This is the primary reason we recommend annual laboratory testing for pets. Since our pets age much faster than a person and can’t “speak” their problems to us, diagnostic testing plays a critical role in optimizing their health.

To keep an eye on your pet’s well-being and catch any problems that might be lurking, we typically recommend annual bloodwork and urine testing, as well as routine parasite screening. If a condition develops and begins to progress, our team can inform you of the problem and offer ways to treat it. Waiting too long could lead to unnecessary suffering for your pet, and higher veterinary costs for you, so be sure to call us when you first notice changes in your pet’s daily routine or have any concerns.

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Types of Testing We Recommend

Here at Long Lake Animal Hospital, we can perform testing in-house or send samples to an external laboratory as needed. Some of the tests we recommend on a routine basis include:

  • Fecal testing, to check for intestinal parasites and other issues
  • Heartworm disease testing for dogs
  • Tick-borne disease testing for dogs to check for Lyme and other diseases
  • Complete blood cell count (CBC)
  • Comprehensive blood panels to evaluate organ function and overall health
  • Urinalysis (with our new, in-house SediVue)
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The Difference with Digital Radiography

We’re proud to be using newly-upgraded digital X-ray technology at our practice to inform our diagnoses and help us provide better care to our patients. While traditional film X-ray has long been relied upon by doctors to view the bones and joints, digital X-ray goes several steps further in quality and efficiency. X-ray procedures now take less time, and provide us with crystal-clear images of your pet’s musculoskeletal system.

With digital X-ray for dogs and cats, we can be more accurate with our diagnoses while also exposing our patients to less radiation.